Competition Structure 2015

The grades competition normally takes place in March in most regions.

There are 3 different paths of grades and the gymnast will work to the grade which their coach thinks is fit for them. As of 2015 all the grades have changed with the numbers they use and the requirements needed this meaning the gymnast may change the route they have started on in order to compete well with the new system. i.e if a gymnast competed national 8 on the old system they could be put into regional 4 this year. Gymnasts may only compete one grade per year.

Compulsory Elite Level

There are 5 levels of compulsory grade. Compulsory 5 is strictly a regional competition as the requirements vary from the different regions, compulsory 4 and 3 follow on to nationals finals as long as the gymnast competes them in age. Compulsory 2 and 1 are individual grades classed as national competitions and they can be competed in age or out of age. Gymnasts can cross over from the club grade and national grades over to compulsory levels, and compulsory levels can cross over to the appropriate national grade level which will be highlighted later on.


Compulsory 4,3,2 and 1 can be competed at an older age being classed as out of age. Gymnasts do not have to compete in any grades before competing in compulsory 3 as long as they are at the correct age or older, however to move onto compulsory 2 there has to be a pass at compulsory 3.


National Grades

National grades all follow on to national finals if the gymnast makes the top 4 in the region. There is no in age or out of age for the national grades just a minimum age that they can compete it at. This meaning 9 year old can be competing against 12 year olds however as all the requirements are the same for the grade no one is at an advantage. There has been a massive change in the requirements of the grades for 2015 so it is impossible to compare the grades to past years. Previously the selection of the team went on the top 4 apparatus scores and the gymnast could be apart of the team as long as they passed their range and conditioning and then they did not have to compete range and conditioning in their national final, this has all changed. The gymnasts score will include all piece plus range and conditioning and it will be the top 4 the make the team and then they will follow on to compete range and conditioning at national finals.

Regional Grades

Regional grades were previously unique to the different regions and the different regions had their own requirements for the different levels. This has changed with the new system meaning all regions compete the same requirements for the different levels of grade. Regional grades only had range and conditioning in the first two which was grade 14 and 13 however this has changed meaning all regional grades have to compete range and conditioning and will go towards their final score.

The new chart of the different grades is as followed:

NDP grades

As stated earlier the requirements/moves have changed drastically for each of the grades for example old national 8 was competed on wooden a-bars where now national grade 4 is competed on metal bar. The gymnasts coaches will have looked at all paths compulsory, national and regional and will have worked out for each gymnast which is the best grade to compete in for the best development and progression of the gymnast.

The eligibility table for the grades will take place from this year onwards. Meaning if a gymnast competed national 8 in 2014 or before it does NOT stop them competing in regional grades this year.




Levels will take place throughout the year following grades. County competitions and regional competitions will work on levels requirements.

flow 2 2

Levels are done in and out of age in the region. In age level 4 and level 3 gymnasts have the chance to make the regional teams for national. Like grades the top 4 are eligible to make the team. When a gymnasts reaches level 2 in age the one way in which they can make it to national finals is by passing their compulsory 3 grade previously there is no team for level 2 national finals it is just an individual competition. If the gymnast has completed their compulsory 2 and 1 they can then move on to doing Espoir’s at the British Championships as well as in the region and move to juniors then to seniors. Gymnasts that have not done their compulsory grades are able to do their level 2 however will not be able to compete down national finals they will then have the chance to go to challenge cup as seen in the previous image to compete as a Espoir, junior or senior. From challenge cup there is a chance to cross over to the British Championships if the gymnast is to score the desired score. Levels within the region can be competed at any age and will be put into the different age group categories. The same level can be repeated for following years to make sure gymnasts are not doing skills they are not ready too. Each level has certain requirements that gymnasts are desired to reach before moving up through the levels.


Leicestershire Levels

flwo 3

Leicestershire levels are purely competed within Leicestershire. They offer a larger range of levels giving more gymnasts the chance to compete starting with level 7 and 6. Non of these levels move onto national or regional teams however the in age rules and requirements are the same as the national rules so is good practice for the gymnasts. Within the Leicestershire competition gymnasts can be awarded medals for each piece and an all around medal.

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