Regional Championships 2015

This years regional championships were held at Leicester New College on 11/10/2015.

Level 5 In Age

For level 5 in age we had 3 gymnasts in this section Ruby Smith, Brogan Hardwick and Charley Kirk this was the girls first regional level performing high level skills for their age. Starting on bars Charley went through a clean bar routine with just a small step on landing which was brilliant. Brogan tried really hard on linking her bar routine however unfortunately fell on her squat on brushing herself off she finished off her routine with a nailed landing. Ruby started off well with her routine however had an unfortunate slip from the high bar after composing her self for a few minutes and showing the audience what tough stuff she is made of got up and finished off her bar routine which was amazing for the young gymnast. 

On to beam, Charley started off calmly with nice dance however experienced few falls but showing us that she can pick herself up and keep going showing off her leaps and her cartwheel tuck back dismount for a bonus. Brogan experienced a fall within her routine however sticking her flick and dismount was a great achievement for her. Ruby showed us that a fall on another piece should not effect you sticking a full routine including a spin, flick and a cartwheel tuck back dismount also. 

Onto floor all the girls danced their way through the routine really stretched and sparkly all girls showing off their round off flick tuck back and handspring to one handspring to two throughout their routines. This was a good piece for all girls going through cleanly.

Onto vault all girls performed the high scoring vault of a handspring to stand onto a block, this is a tricky vault taking a lot of technical points to perform it well which they all did all scoring in the 12′s. For the girls this was a great competition. 

Ruby- 4th
Brogan- 6th
Charley- 8th

Level 4 In Age 

For level 4 we had one gymnast in this age group Evie Axton who also had the chance to qualify for national finals from this competition. Starting on bars Evie was performing her bar routine with giants into backaway with falling on her landing the weekend before Evie was determined to land this week and she did this was a great start for her. 

Moving onto beam which is a least favourite piece for her causing her some problems in the past Evie was not falling off this weekend, unfortunately unable to link her backward walkover into flick she showed her maturity with finishing off her routine with minimal wobbles throughout and performing tricky leaps with a round off tuck back dismount, this was a good boost for her.

Moving onto floor Evie is finding her feet with her routine learning how to show it off well and dance nicely performing two powerful tumbles one consisting of two saltos plus nicely stretched leaps this was a good piece for her. 

Onto vault, Evie was due to perform her yurchenko for the first time however we nearly hit a stumble in the road when the venue did not have the roll mat required to go on top of the vault. This gives the vault a completely different visual look however after being asked the question of would you prefer to perform a half on due to the equipment she replied with “no i want to do my yurchenko” and that she did! This was a brilliant competition for Evie. 

Evie – 3rd – Made the top 4 so will be representing the East Midlands at National Finals in Guildford in November ! Well Done Evie 

Level 3 In Age

We had one gymnast in this level Isabel Morgan, like Evie she had the chance to make national finals if she made the top 4. Starting on bars Isabel had a difficult routine including a short clear to handstand, in competitions previously there has always been just one little hiccup either with her giants or her dismount however she certainly got rid of them! She performed a clean routine into nice shaped giants and nailed the dismount, this was a great start for Isabel. 

Moving onto beam Isabel has a very compact beam routine including a free cartwheel. She performed her routine confidently however did not quite link her flick flick this did not phase her and their was hardly a wobble in sight throughout the rest of the routine. Nailing her dismount of a round off tuck back this again was a good rotation for her. 

Onto floor Isabel has a new routine working into it 3 different tumbles and 2 leap lines showing off how powerful she is as well as flexible. Isabel nailed all of her tumbles including her 1 1/2 twist and her full twist dismount. Bringing out her personality in her floor routine definitely showed today. 

Onto vault Isabel was in the same situation as Evie as they was expecting a mat on top of the vault which is what is stated and what they have been training. However gritting her teeth and showing her determination she was going to perform her yurchenko vault because she wanted to. Unfortunately missed a slight push off the top causing her to put her hands back onto the vaulting table however did not let it phase her which was brilliant. This was an excellent competition for her.

Isabel – 3rd- Made the top 4 so will be representing the East Midlands at National Finals in Guildford in November ! Well Done Isabel

Level 3 OA

We had 6 gymnasts competing in the out of age level 3 competition Mae Wilkinson, Madison Newell, Daisy Greeves, Julia Allford, Jodie Morgan and Chloe Pepper. Starting on bars Mae went through a clean routine showing her short clear to handstand on high bar into a stuck dismount. Madison went through a clean routine working hard on getting her giants round into a full twist dismount. Daisy went through a clean routine with a nice clear on the low bar and solid giants into backaway to dismount. Julia went through her routine with a small stop on the high bar however worked really hard on getting her troublesome giants over and that she did into a nicely stuck backaway. Jodie was competing her short clear on the high bar into giants with a backaway which can cause her some trouble however it defiantly did not show today a nice clean routine with a big smile to finish. Chloe started off strongly on the low bar however did not quite get the kick she needed to get round on her giants however carried on her routine with a nice straddle shoot half dismount. 

On to beam, Mae went through a clean routine with her flick flick nailed nice dance and solid skills throughout with only the smallest of wobbles. Madison went through a clean routine with flick flick and standing tuck back holding her head high this was a good routine for her. Daisy went through a clean routine with nice dance and leaps and a solid flick throughout. Julia went through a clean beam routine only doing a flick instead of the acro series planned she made up for it by landing all of her skills with just a wobble on her flick to two. Jodie had a complex routine with a tuck back and free cartwheel, holding her landing on her tuck back but unfortunately fell on her free cartwheel she dusted herself off finishing with a nice straight front dismount. Chloe started off nicely however come to grief with her high leg spin, she got back onto the beam like nothing had happened showing confidence throughout the rest of her beam routine. 

Onto floor, Mae danced and performed her routine beautifully with a nicely landed full twist and leaps throughout she really did perform a crowd pleaser. Madison went through her routine cleanly regaining her skill on a 1 1/2 twist this put a smile on her face throughout the rest of her routine. Daisy went through her routine with a nice straight back and walkout tumble, showing nice splits throughout her routine this was a good piece for her. Julia was performing her 1 1/2 twist for the first time and after some troubles in the gym she nailed the landing she was on cloud 9 from this moment performing nice leaps and a good second tumble. Chloe danced out her routine which is fairly new performing a solid full twist tumble and a nice high double somersault run this was a good piece for Chloe. Jodie powered out her forward tumbling with a straight front 1 1/2 for an opener and a straight front full punch front to finish with a big smile this was a good piece for Jodie. 

Onto Vault Mae performed a half on half off with just a small step on landing. Madison performed a half off full off and nailed it. Daisy performed a half on full off nailing the landing also. Julia performed a half on full off and after falling in past competitions she corrected her mistake landing it. Chloe performed a half on full off with just a small step. Jodie competed the same vault gluing her feet to the floor. This was a great competition for all gymnasts well done girls 

Mae – 1st – (Age 11/12)
Madison – 4th (Age 11/12)
Daisy – 6th- (Age 11/12)

Jodie – 3rd – (Age 13+)
Julia – 7th – (Age 13+)
Chloe – 13th – (Age 13+)

Level 2 OA

We had one gymnast competing in this level, Emily Pike. Starting on bars Emily swung well with a mo shoot and short clear to handstand on the high bar this was a good start for Emily. 

Onto beam Emily experienced 3 falls unfortunately however she did perform a very tricky flick tuck back but could not find her feet. Being a well competed gymnast she knew not to let this effect her performance on the other pieces. 

On to the floor Emily performed 3 tumbles including a double twist and a straight front full twist she danced her way through her routine with a good leap series and controlled spin also. 

On to the vault this was Emily’s first year of competing a tsuk she over cooked her first one however nailed her feet in for the second one this was a good competition for her, well done Emily. 

Emily – 5th 

FIG Junior

We had one gymnast in this group Ebony Birt, due to injury Ebony was only competing 2 pieces of apparatus, Beam was Ebony’s first piece competing her free cartwheel for the first time outside of the gym she unfortunately just could not find her grip after a good fight to stay on. She performed nice high and stretched leaps and a solid dismount. 

On vault Ebony nailed her pike tsuk and to be entered into the apparatus finals performed a half on half off for her second vault this was a great finish for Ebony. 

Ebony placed 2nd on vault 

Massive Well Done To All Gymnasts And Coaches 

In age

Out of age

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