Grades 3/3/13

Well Coaville are over the moon to announce that all of the 16 gymnasts that competed today PASSED there grades !! this involving 9 gymnasts that had to pass there range and conditioning with a certain mark. So excellent job girls well done :)

This mornings competition started off with the compulsory and national grade gymnasts.

Compulsory 5 showed Lottie performing for the first time in the East Midlands Lottie had a very steady competition throughout without having any falls on beam. It also gave Lottie the chance to show off her floor routine for the first time with her round off flick. She then had to show at a young age sheer strength and control throughout range and conditioning which she did brilliantly. Having an impressive day allowed Lottie to finish in 2nd place ! Congratulations Lottie.

Compulsory 4 showed Mae with a very powerful vault to start having the highest score out of her level! then moving to bars had a clean performance, moving to beam showed slight trouble for Mae with a fall however she pulled it back gorgeously to finish off then with a jazzy floor and a very high scoring range and conditioning placed herself in the East Midlands compulsory 4 national team after finishing in 4th place congratulations Mae.

Compulsory 3 showed Madison starting very gracefully on beam but unfortunately slipped on her dismount, then moving to floor Madison was competing her handspring front for the first time which has proven troublesome in the past but nailed it today, range and conditioning was next and was her bug bear last year was her strongest piece this year which was good to see her hard work paid off, and on bars competed her giants for the first time, even with a fall still had a very respectable score. Madison placed 5th which means she will be reserve for the national final compulsory 3 team. Congratulations Madison

National 8 we had 3 gymnasts competing Emily, Julia and Jess as a group they all started on bars showing clean and precise routines which was a strong start for them moving on to the dreaded beam all 3 of them showed how to do a beam routine ! with no one falling Emily showed off her dance making it look a breeze while Julia showed her confidence on the beam in her skills with very little wobbles throughout, Jess is very well known for not favouring beam however it seemed liked she loved the beam today with a very steady performance looking clean and polished. Floor showed the dynamics of each gymnast with precise skills that they had to hit throughout. The to range which is most gymnasts bug bear, Julia started off this rotation which did not look to be going well starting with a fall however she pulled herself together for the rest of the routine and passed, then Emily who is known for not liking this range showed them hard work pays off, holding what she should and again passing, Jess started the same as Julia but like Julia composed herself and nailed the rest of it. With the range score INCLUDED Emily came 8th, Jess came 13th and Julia came 18th they do place differently when picking the national team. With this Emily came 6th making her non travelling reserve. Well done girls

National 7 showed a very sparkly Sophie, starting on vault Sophie performed very strongly and was a good start to the competition. Like Madison she had a very uncharacteristic fall on beam however it did not shake her and continued on to finish confidently. On floor sophie showed off how powerful she is and showed beautiful height in her tumbles, following that she had a very highly passed range and a very neat and tidy bars. Sophie finished 4th INCLUDING her range and 5th WITHOUT and will be joining the national team at finals as a reserve. Congratulations Sophie

National 5 we had two competitors in this two of our well known members Ebony and Layla both starting on bars Ebony competed a very clean bar routine missing out one element, followed by Layla who had full content and competed her toe on toe off successfully for the first time. Then moving to beam Ebony started off shaky with a fall on mount however pulled it back together showing a very strong performance with a solid tuck back within the routine. Layla followed with a very good start to the routine however come to trouble with her spin and tuck back however finished off with a very dynamic dismount. Moving to floor both girls stand out with Ebony’s dance and Layla’s power. Both of them had clean routines with them both landing there troublesome straight front full twist’s. Range showed again that years of practice is worth it when they both scored over 12. Coming to vault showed trouble for Layla as she couldn’t find her feet on landing, however Ebony had a run back on her first one and nailed the second one. From this Layla finished 2nd and Ebony 3rd INCLUDING range and conditioning WITHOUT range kept Layla in 2nd securing her place at national finals and put Ebony 5th making her the reserve for the team. Well done girls

Moving on to the afternoon session…

Club Grade 12 we had 3 gymnasts again Eden, Georgie and Niamh. The girls started on beam and Eden defiantly set the standard high with nailing her beam routine with the free roll in it which is a bug bear of a move. Georgie followed with a very stretched routine however came to trouble with her free roll, and same with Niamh. Moving on to floor Eden had a very clean routine. Georgie went next and competed her round off flick for the first time and truly sparkled throughout smiling the whole way through bringing great presence to the floor. Niamh followed showing a very confident performance with strong tumbles throughout. On vault all 3 girls showed power and technique all scoring high 11′s and 12′s. Finally finishing on bars Eden went through her routine very fluidly and very cleanly scoring over 11, Georgie competed the element she has been coming to grief with in the gym cleanly and showed her joy afterwards, following Niamh did a very clean and tidy routine scoring her high 11. There was a lot of gymnasts in this competition and Eden finished 8th, Georgie 19th and Niamh 26th, well done girls.

Club Grade 11 we had two gymnasts compete at this grade, Hannah and Sophie the girls started on vault, Hannah is known for her powerful vault at the gym and she performed hers beautifully, Sophie come to grief with her first vault but pulled it together for her second vault and produced a lovely one. Moving on to bars both girls went through cleanly showing that they have very good control throughout there routine. Next to beam and the girls let there nerves get to the slightly making a few mistakes however they kept there composure to the end. On floor Hannah went first competing her routine for the last time before a change in music, she showed off her dance lovely and competed very strong tumbles showing where her strength is. Sophie competed a newly learnt round off flick tuck back and stuck it, this set her up for the rest of her routine which made her shine all the more throughout. Hannah finished 14th and Sophie finished 17th well done girls.

Club Grade 9 Ellie and Honor both competed at this level and like two peas in a pod they showed there support to one and other. They started on vault having to perform a half on half off, they both had to do the vault twice Ellie nailed her landing both times scoring a very high 11, and Honor took a small step on each scoring a high 10. Moving on to bars the girls showed there stamina with a difficult routine with repetition of moves which need lots of conditioning to get through, both went through cleanly and they results reflected. On beam Ellie performed very cleanly and stayed on confidently. Honor competed her flick for the first time, and although she had some falls along the way she stuck her flick which was her main goal to compete which was excellent. Both girls went to the floor with strong confident tumbles showing off there dance and dynamics finishing off strongly Ellie finished 1st and Honor finished 3rd.. Well done girls

Well done to all gymnasts and all coaches brilliant result

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