Grades 24/3/13

Another highly successful day for Coalville gymnastics club at the regional grades for level 14 and 13.
Competing today was Madison, Amber and Alice for grade 13 and Hannah and Maisie for grade 14.

Grade 14

The girls started on the floor getting to show off there floor routine for the first time at their first regional competition. Maisie showed off her dancing skills as did Hannah and they both nailed the skills they had to.
Moving onto range and conditioning at a young age they have to show control flexibility and good strength throughout holding each part of the routine. Both Maisie and Hannah did very clean routines showing that practising and hard work pays off. Moving to vault next the girls have to show a good stretched position going onto the vault holding there core as tight as they can in order to land correctly, from this they have to show a good stretched shape off. Here Hannah gets to show off her strong run for the vault and Maisie gets to show off her springy feet. Then moving onto the bars where again the girls have to show good arm and core strength throughout the routine both girls showed how well conditioned they are when performing the routine as they did it with such control. Moving next to the final piece which was the dreaded beam. Hannah had an uncharacteristic fall on a stretch jump however composed herself and finished off the beam routine beautifully, Maisie managed to keep her cool and stay on the dreaded piece ! Maisie placed 2nd in the competition.

Well done both of you

Grade 13

Again like the grade 14′s the girls started on floor, Madison showed off her springy feet in her tumble and leaps, Alice showed off her flexibility and Amber showed off her jazzy dancing all girls brought a great presence to the floor. Then moving onto range and conditioning all girls showed good strength Allice’s super flexible hips gets to be seen to there full extent in range, where Madison has some trouble with her flexibility however she showed today that preserving with your bug bear pays off as splits was not a problem today! Amber showed off her grace when going smoothly through the routine. Moving onto vault all girls had to show a handspring flat back they have to show a fast run good bounce on the board and a good straight shape in the air. All girls did both vaults strongly. Moving next to bars girls have to show good strength in the chin ups and leg lifts and then good shapes throughout swings. Madison Amber and Alice showed brilliant fluidity all finishing with a beautiful dismount. Then moving onto beam, final piece for all Coalville gymnasts, Alice wobbled early on leaps but managed to correct her self and then showed confidence unfortunately the dreaded forward roll made her come to grief, however her training has taught her to keep her composure even if she falls and finished off her routine with grace. Amber showed a very positive start with confidence throughout and good stability on leaps and spins however like Alice the troublesome forward roll made her fall off the beam. She got back onto the beam and showed that it did not phase her showing good maturity throughout her routine. Madison also like the others had a good start and did not show her nerves on the 10cm beam. However the forward roll got the better of her like Alice and Amber. Like the others she was not going to let one fall dampen her spirits and finished off a very strong routine. Madison walked away with a bronze medal, Alice joint 7th and Amber 11th.

What a brilliant result well done girls

Well done to coaches Karen Edwards and Katie Steele on such a successful and well prepared day.

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